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Cold Morning Turns Hot

I slowly awakened to the soft white light of a winter’s morning.
Glancing at the thermometer across the room, I knew I was not going to
enjoy getting out of this warm bed to start the wood stove. Besides, I
thought to myself, why get up? I have [...]

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Booze and fuck

Looking around me, I could see all my friends watching me. Paul
whispered for me to turn around slowly so they could get a good look at me.
Powerless, I turned in a circle, watching the looks on everyone’s face. I
could feel myself blushing deeply, but something inside me kept [...]

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Color Rising To My Cheecks

I could feel the color rising in my cheeks
as the embarrassment of my situation increased. I couldn’t help myself as I
stole a peak through my closed eyelids. Everyone had stopped dancing and was
standing around in a circle around us as we danced, watching the wanton
display of my private things. [...]

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Take Advantage Of Her Helplessness

Paul realized that I was helpless and decided to take complete advantage
of the situation. I could feel my skirt inching up as his hands methodically
stroked over me. He was exposing me to everyone! I tried to tell him to stop
but he was kissing me so hard that no noise came [...]

2 September 2007 | black_booty_babes, hentai_xxx, porn_guides, throatjobs, video_xxx | No Comments

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