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Since I’m just 36, I was easily the youngest volunteer in the
hospital. Most of the daytime help consisted of retired gents, or elderly
widows after the retired gents. Still, everyone pitched in and made themselves
useful. After the first week, I was finding the work very rewarding and I
looked forward to my four-hour shift three days [...]

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Gettin Bored

The worst thing, though, is that I really loved him before he began to
think of nothing but work. I still do love him, and that’s why for 15 years I
never thought of cheating on him. I always thought everything would be
allright if he’d just think of me sometimes instead of how many bulldozers he
can [...]

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My Interest In Sex

Men often complain that their wives aren’t interested in sex, but my
husband doesn’t complain at all—I’m the one with the complaint!
From early morning to late at night, my husband works as a heavy
equipment salesman. He makes tons of money, but he never makes love to me
except [...]

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Helens Affair

My pussy still tingled. I ran my fingers over the hair and gently touched
inside the lips. They felt swollen and a bit tender. I pushed my finger inside.
The inside felt open, still trying to adjust to it original size.
It had started a week ago. Norman and I had gone to [...]

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Open Marriage

After a year of our lifestyle, I’m still not sure whether
“open marriage” is the right term. When Bill first encouraged me
to date others, I found the idea appalling, but now I love this
arrangement. Bill hasn’t shown any interest in involvement with
another woman, so this has been a one-sided affair. What [...]

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