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Torrents Of Hot Goo

My hand started sliding up and down his shaft in a fast rhythm, but I
soon realized his prick was too much for one hand. One hand grabbed the base
of his cock, while the other massaged the meaty head of his shaft. He started
to move his hips in tandem with my grasps along the length [...]

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Better than hand

But, it wasn’t long before I was thinking about him. When the nurse
told me to take the newspaper down to Room 101, I felt my heart jump. As I
walked down the hall with the paper in my hand, I didn’t know if the lump in
my throat was from fear or anticipation. It wasn’t long before [...]

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I was pleased

Soon it was time to go home, but that night I could hardly sleep. And,
when I did, all I did was dream about that man holding his huge cock and
pumping his hand up and down the shaft. I soon woke up and, with fantasies of
that big cock floating through [...]

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Havent seen a hardon for so long

I didn’t think before pushing aside the privacy curtains around the
bed, and I soon learned why they were closed!
The patient, a good-looking male around my age, was sitting up in the
bed masturbating himself while looking at a pornographic magazine! While my
sudden entrance briefly startled him, [...]

4 November 2007 | cfnm_sex, granny_sex, nylon_porn, titjob_porn | No Comments

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