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Casual fantasy 017

Archive-title: The Beach
As I lay day dreaming on the beach, I suddenly and casually
glanced to my left, only to see the most gorgeous
girl I had ever seen. She looked up while I was surveying
her, and gave me a smile and a wink…I pulled my towel
over near hers, [...]

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Casual deb txt

Archive-title: Deb
Deb looked classy — I liked her tightly creased pants and high
heels. Her short, light brown hair had blond highlights and
swept over the top of her head. She wore dark glasses that
framed her piercing brown eyes. Her lips were shiny with
lipstick and when I [...]

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Casual castprty txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps
Archive-title: Cast Party
When I broke my right leg after being up at the resort for only a few
days, I thought the good times were finished. But after a day or
two, when all that was left of the skiing accident was my leg in a
cast, I [...]

27 February 2008 | huge_dicks, internal_creampie, interracial_sex_pics, preggo_sex, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Casual busstop txt

Archive-title: Dream fantasy ( a la Gloria)
I hadn’t been sitting at the bus stop long when a rather rough and muscular
man with a beard and plaid work shirt and jeans sat down next to me. It was
just beginning to get dark. The long shadows [...]

26 February 2008 | asian_chics, black_booty_babes, gonzo_porn | Comments Off

Oriental pickups

When Tim woke the next morning, he filled his car and headed
off. From town their was only two ways to head, North or South.
As he flipped a coin he said to himself “Heads North, Tails South.”
He looked at the coin, “South it is.”
The second day of [...]

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Three Girls One Man

She took me by the wrist, nearly squeezing my hand
off my arm and led me into a dark room with only two candles
being a novice at meeting people from the local BBS’,
I was not expecting the event that took place at the meeting
of everyone from my favorite New Jersey BBS!. We
arrived at the restaurant, [...]

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Well meet again

Debbie and I had been talking on the phone for about half an hour now.
Our conversation was not relaxed and comfortable. Finally she got down to
the subject that was on both our minds.
“John,” she said hesitantly, “I’m going to do it.”
My heart jumped in my chest. Even after two weeks of discussion my
feelings still weren’t [...]

20 February 2008 | bukkake_sex, interracial_sex_pics, video_xxx | No Comments

Drunk Foursome On The Beach

Annie and I met when we were dating guys who happened to be best
friends. We’d double dated several times and got along with ease. Annie is
27 years old, about 5′ 5″ with stylish blond hair. She’s trim and without
doubt her face and ass are her best assets. [...]

13 February 2008 | cfnm_sex, jerking_porn, throatjobs, titjob_porn | No Comments

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