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taylor ash facial cum movie

brothers, you’re gonna love this one! this scene went down the night i met taylor for the first time. me and two of my porn goon buddies were hangin out near the clubs and shit, doing a little experiment to see if we could get a girl off the street back [...]

31 May 2008 | black_booty_babes, female_ejaculation, gag_pics, internal_creampie | Comments Off

taryn thomas facial cum movie

holy smokes we’ve got a hot one for you this time- feast your perverted eyes on head-turner taryn thomas! taryn is brand spankin new, and spunkmouth pooled together all its resources to make sure you saw her here first- while she’s good and fresh. taryn made her pre-debut as “britt” on [...]

30 May 2008 | extreme_porn, jerking_porn, porn_guides, throatjobs, virgin_sex | Comments Off

tabitha2 facial cum movie

ok get this for a behind the scene story: i had shot this girl tabitha back in the day, and she had a real cute girl next door look. real innocent, y’know? i knew she had a boyfriend at the time, so i figured that’s who she’d want to fuck on [...]

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sunny day facial cum movie

sunny day has got the goods- huge floppin’ funnbags, a tight dancer’s body, a slutty cum-fuck-me look, and a healthy addiction to throbbing cock. all of which, of course, makes her a perfect candidate for the newest spunkmouth girl. we brought her in, had her do a little striptease, and then [...]

28 May 2008 | extreme_porn, femdom_fetish, interracial_sex_pics, porn_guides | Comments Off

ruby marie facial cum movie

ruby marie is a true amateur party girl we met through an ad we placed. she had never done any porn before in her life, so we set her up with a perverted old dude she’d never met before and just let the two of them go at it on camera. [...]

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riley mason facial cum movie

riley mason is a brand new starlet to the porn business. she’s from north carolina, and she sucks a mean cock. riley brought along a slutty little fishnet catsuit and gave me a nice asswiggle and pussy fingering routine before i brought in well-endowed cocksman james dean to pound the living [...]

25 May 2008 | clinic_sex, female_ejaculation, internal_creampie, jerking_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off

pason facial cum movie

ultra-hottie pason is my latest spunkmouth masterpiece! not only is pason red hot, but she has a serious case of jungle fever. i don’t know what it is with the chicks these days, rap being so popular or what, but they are always requesting i set them up with some black [...]

24 May 2008 | celebs_porn, gag_pics, interracial_sex_pics, nubile_teens, throatjobs, titjob_porn | Comments Off

nadia synn facial cum movie

gentlemen, say hello to our latest spunkmouth girl, nadia synn. this is nadia’s first boy/girl scene ever, and the world is seeing her get fucked for the first time here at nadia was so excited to get that dick in her that she was just oozing pussy juice and creaming [...]

23 May 2008 | asshole_pics, blogs_porn, celebs_porn, granny_sex, interracial_sex_pics, nubile_teens | Comments Off

michelle avanti facial cum movie

michelle avanti is a real kooky chick. nice natural rack and a slutty attitude to go with it, but a total kookjob nonetheless. with a nonstop motormouth, she can get to be a bit much to take.. especially when she starts giving “shoutouts” to her dog on camera. so what do [...]

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meg facial cum movie

meet meg. i hooked up with this little cutie through a newspaper ad. during my interview, i asked her if she had any fantasies that she might be willing to act out on camera. she told me she had always wanted to get fucked by an older guy- like a man [...]

21 May 2008 | asian_chics, cfnm_sex, gay_twinks, internal_creampie, preggo_sex, squirting_sex, video_xxx, virgin_sex | Comments Off

madison facial cum movie

ok guys, start your cocks for slutty o.c. hottie, madison. madison is a total surfer groupie. she lives for the beach, hangs on the beach, and chases surfers all day. “i’ve fucked at least 30 pro surfers by now” she told us. so we figured we’d put madison to the slut [...]

20 May 2008 | asian_chics | Comments Off

leili facial cum movie

check out the kick-ass manufactured mammories on sweet exotic leili! her story may sound like bullshit- but i swear it is all true.. leili was not involved in the adult business in any way- she is an everyday college student (i won’t say where, but it’s on the west coast) who [...]

19 May 2008 | black_booty_babes, extreme_porn, female_ejaculation, femdom_fetish, gag_pics, hentai_xxx, jerking_porn | Comments Off

leighlani red facial cum movie

man, there’s nothing me and my rod like more than a sexy little redhead. but what’s even better is when that sexy firecrotch has a filthy, dirty mouth on her. and that’s just what we have here boys- meet filth talkin slut leighlani red. leighlani has got a rockin body with [...]

18 May 2008 | blogs_porn, huge_dicks, internal_creampie, nylon_porn, squirting_sex, titjob_porn, virgin_sex | Comments Off

krystal wett facial cum movie

krystal wett is a brand spankin new 19 year old piece of cocoa flavored coochie. i had her on set in a skimpy little pink fishnet stretch suit, and had a little light bulb go off in my head.. “this chick does white guys.. i should make this extra nasty.. i [...]

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kinzy jo facial cum movie

take a nice long lecherous look at barely legal blonde superslut kinzy jo. kinzy is brand new to the biz and willing to suck cock and take a load from anybody- black, white, japanese, whatever.. kinzy will work a room full of dick and gargle the slimey aftermath with a whorish [...]

16 May 2008 | blogs_porn, extreme_porn | Comments Off

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