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ZXCBad Girl Story 2 continued

It was a present from Tennie. She’d made it herself in some ceramics workshop course. It was well-made, a little clunky. I kept pens in it. On the side, in a slightly wavering script it read “World’s greatest Mistress”. Tennie loved her little jokes. I wondered where she’d gotten to. After our tearful parting [...]

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Casual wbedtest txt

Archive-title: Waterbed Test
While out shopping at one of the many malls located conveniently near
me, I wandered into a water-bed store. When I entered, I saw the most
beautiful woman that I have ever seen. She was as beautiful as some of your
monthly [...]

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Casual shower txt

Archive-author: Vermillion
Archive-title: Shower
She was standing in the bathroom powdering and rubbing lotion
onto her legs. She had a dark towel wrapped around her body and
another around her head. The bathroom was warm and steamy from
the shower as she wiped the mirror to look at herself. Thoughts
about [...]

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Casual sexysal txt

Archive-title: Sexy Sal
When I was single, about ten years ago, I dated an attractive slim waitress
from a sandwich shop that I visited often. Sal was her name. She was divorced
for the thrid time and so was I, but only twice. I liked her naturalness and
openness…and her good figure, [...]

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Casual seducton txt

Archive-author: Daniel Tunkelang
Archive-title: Seduction
Hearing the buzzer, I ran downstairs to let her in. I hadn’t seen her
for almost a month. We had talked on the phone a few times, but one
thought coursed through my mind: her back. She had promised me her
back. Well, I could [...]

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Casual rendez2 txt

Archive-title: Rendezvous II-Hetero
There she sat, Karen and Scoot, hanging out. It was wonderful, his kisses,
his embraces, his strength. She felt as though it would engulf her as
he swirled his tongue inside of her mouth and she tased his sweetness.
It was too much, his hand on her legs was [...]

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Casual pickupln txt

Archive-author: RICHH
Archive-title: Pickup Line
It was a clear hot August morning and she was walking the way
women walk when they want you to know that their destination is an
erotic one. I pulled out my microcassette recorder and didn’t
press down any buttons. I spoke [...]

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Casual makwaves txt

Archive-author: Hai Truong & Andrew Truong
Archive-title: Making Waves
Special thanx to: Walks-by-Night, The Unknown, Mr. Spock,
Midnight Orgy and Mad Bones

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Casual lonely txt

Archive-author: CJ
Archive-title: Lonely
Late one night, as she finishes her studying for the exam, she feels a great
desire to log on the computer. She drives in to the cluster. Waiting there is
a message from a man. A stranger to her,but it says to call him later. She is

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Casual hitch txt

Archive-title: Hitch
I stopped to pick up the girl on the side of the road. She was
wearing a soft cotten dress. As we drove on we talked about all sorts
of things. Then she asked me if I wanted a blow job in payment for the
ride! I am no fool ,so I quickly pull off and pull down my [...]

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Casual fantasy 017

Archive-title: The Beach
As I lay day dreaming on the beach, I suddenly and casually
glanced to my left, only to see the most gorgeous
girl I had ever seen. She looked up while I was surveying
her, and gave me a smile and a wink…I pulled my towel
over near hers, [...]

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Casual deb txt

Archive-title: Deb
Deb looked classy — I liked her tightly creased pants and high
heels. Her short, light brown hair had blond highlights and
swept over the top of her head. She wore dark glasses that
framed her piercing brown eyes. Her lips were shiny with
lipstick and when I [...]

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Casual castprty txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps
Archive-title: Cast Party
When I broke my right leg after being up at the resort for only a few
days, I thought the good times were finished. But after a day or
two, when all that was left of the skiing accident was my leg in a
cast, I [...]

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Future Margo Sex 2

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Test Margo N1

this is oi3407 8Margo ZXC FGB test N1

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