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The mood in the Law Offices of Wright and Wright had taken on an opportunistic

air as the new young black attorney; Mr. Jerome Bettis arrived on Monday
Although the law firm was one of the oldest and most prestigious in Memphis,
Tennessee it had several financial reverses during the last three years. Up
until the arrival of the 30 year old black attorney the mood [...]

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The Labrys

A beautiful red head, looking prim and proper, sat at the table next
to me in the pub, with her long legs crossed and her serious looking
face planted in a book. I had just walked into the Coffee House when
I noticed her and she looked up from her book and gave [...]

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Boredom of Jack and Jill

Jack spotted Jill at the party. She had a bland face, medium
small breasts, and fair skin. He would have called it pale, but
he was feeling charitable. He decided that she was just ugly
enough that she would probably be desperate, and just good look-
ing enough that she would [...]

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The Hippie of the 90s

You know, the last weekend I was majorly pissed off. There was work
more than enough and I felt miserably lonely. I had been depressed for
a couple of months, ever since the woman I was having a sexual
relationship with had to move away because of her job.
My depression prevented me from [...]

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Casual deb txt

Archive-title: Deb
Deb looked classy — I liked her tightly creased pants and high
heels. Her short, light brown hair had blond highlights and
swept over the top of her head. She wore dark glasses that
framed her piercing brown eyes. Her lips were shiny with
lipstick and when I [...]

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Wired Pussy Galleries 2

Cure babes tied and tests her pussy might
Wired Pussy 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance StatementPress here to view this picture gallery

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tiffany taylor facial cum movie

true story – if you think being a male porno dude is an easy task, and if you’re thinking “i know i could bang tiffany taylor until her pussy was sore” well, think again. we tried using an la porno stud or two, but when the wood failed, spunkmouth brought in [...]

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riley mason facial cum movie

riley mason is a brand new starlet to the porn business. she’s from north carolina, and she sucks a mean cock. riley brought along a slutty little fishnet catsuit and gave me a nice asswiggle and pussy fingering routine before i brought in well-endowed cocksman james dean to pound the living [...]

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kaycee dean facial cum movie

fuckin’ 18 years old and only a week or two in the business boys.. meet the newest spunkmouth slut, kaycee dean! in this scene, we’ve got hot n fresh kaycee up to the plate and workin, not one, not two, but three filthy cocks- each representing a particular spectrum of the [...]

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julia bond facial cum movie

feast your fucking perverted eyes on 18 year old uber-hottie julia bond. julia fuckin bond is the hottest new thing on the porn scene- and we got her just for you, spunkmouth members with a brand spanking new pair of tits, a body to die for and a drop [...]

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jessica valentino facial cum movie

hooo boy, do we have a special one for you guys. say hello to newly 18 year old jessica valentino. jessica is yet another brand new girl brought to you the second she entered the biz by your friends at jessica is so green, in fact, that she wasn’t ready [...]

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bree olson facial cum movie

holy fuckin moley this is one ridiculously slutty scene! first off, get an eyeful of teen tart bree olson- petite, blonde, super cute and super slutty, bree is a self proclaimed “lifelong whore” and brother does she prove it in this one. bree called me up out of the blue and [...]

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Midnight Storm

Darkness. Punctuated occasionally by the flashes from a distant
thunderstorm, it is folded over your eyes like a heavy layer of black
velvet. The humid night air caresses your face like a lover’s hand, and
you can smell the storm as it approaches.

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Miscellaneous snippets

It is a cool spring evening..and i am walking down a beach near my home, i
am holding sue’s hand, and her head is resting on my shoulder. I am sure we mu
st look like siemese twins to the people who pass us by. But neither of [...]

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During Karen James quick move to VP marketing for a large financial institution

she had made many enemies, least among them Ms. Brenda Jacobs. Karen had been
running a close second for the VP slot against Brenda, but had managed to slip
past her by anonymously leaking false information about BJ thru the companies
computer system. Brenda was never sure where the rumors started but [...]

28 May 2009 | blogs_porn, cfnm_sex, chubby_sex, gag_pics, gonzo_porn, nubile_teens | Comments Off

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