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Janis sex tales

The alarm was terribly loud as she tried to find it in the room. She hated
waking up in a strange place because she wasn’t sure where everything was.
She looked around for her lover but he was no where to be seen. She wondered
if she had just dreamed what had [...]

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You still here It’s after 6 ” I dump my bag beside his desk kiss the top of

his head and lean over his shoulder to check out the screen. Log files and
newsgroups — nothing he couldn’t have finished with three hours before.
“Yeah — well — there was something I needed to deal with.” He doesn’t even look
up, but continues scrolling through the latest figures. “Were we going anywhere

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Casual castprty txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps
Archive-title: Cast Party
When I broke my right leg after being up at the resort for only a few
days, I thought the good times were finished. But after a day or
two, when all that was left of the skiing accident was my leg in a
cast, I [...]

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Wired Pussy Galleries 2

Cure babes tied and tests her pussy might
Wired Pussy 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance StatementPress here to view this picture gallery

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jessica valentino facial cum movie

hooo boy, do we have a special one for you guys. say hello to newly 18 year old jessica valentino. jessica is yet another brand new girl brought to you the second she entered the biz by your friends at jessica is so green, in fact, that she wasn’t ready [...]

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eve laurence facial cum movie

imagine driving down the local whore avenue in your town or city, and seeing, out of the corner of your eye, the hottest, sluttiest working girl you can imagine. as she crosses the street and approaches the car, she’s so hot it crosses your mind that she’s vice…but when she walks [...]

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casey facial cum movie

she’s a swallower! dudes, this brand new hottie has just, in her own words “released the inner whore” and gone completely cockmad. casey travelled all the way from arizona to california just to become the latest cum-gobbling spunkmouth girl. let me stress to you, that you’ve got to watch the interview [...]

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annie cruz facial cum movie

sometimes shooting adult entertainment can get risky. just ask anyone from the annie cruz scene. it all started off like most scenes do — introduce the tart who will get pounded. interview her a bit. get her nude. get to poundin’. but before we could invade annie’s vagina, the fuzz showed [...]

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She Drew Me In

– a poem -
by Sean Devon
I awoke to music, talk and laughter
Fuzzy toward the toilet and relief
My parent’s late party smoldered on below
Old friends, new gossip, old jokes
Returning now, our guest room door agar
What’s there…peeking…who’s there?
By night light and moon, soft blonde curls abed
But [...]

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Midnight Storm

Darkness. Punctuated occasionally by the flashes from a distant
thunderstorm, it is folded over your eyes like a heavy layer of black
velvet. The humid night air caresses your face like a lover’s hand, and
you can smell the storm as it approaches.

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A Nice Hotel

“This water feels just right,” she purred as she walked out from
behind the waterfall, “do you suppose they heat it?”
He waved a hand in front of him, setting off ripples in the pond
where he was sitting, “I would imagine so, the water here in the
pond is warm enough to not [...]

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Miscellaneous snippets

It is a cool spring evening..and i am walking down a beach near my home, i
am holding sue’s hand, and her head is resting on my shoulder. I am sure we mu
st look like siemese twins to the people who pass us by. But neither of [...]

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Janis sex tales

The alarm was terribly loud as she tried to find it in the room. She hated
waking up in a strange place because she wasn’t sure where everything was.
She looked around for her lover but he was no where to be seen. She wondered
if she had just dreamed what had [...]

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The Footbridge

The night was balmy. I had just left the bar and was pretty
depressed that I was alone. The walk home was sobering, not a long walk,
but enough to bring me back to reality as I lit a smoke. I stopped for [...]

11 April 2009 | blogs_porn, extreme_porn, gag_pics, lesbo_xxx | Comments Off

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