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During Karen James quick move to VP marketing for a large financial institution

she had made many enemies, least among them Ms. Brenda Jacobs. Karen had been
running a close second for the VP slot against Brenda, but had managed to slip
past her by anonymously leaking false information about BJ thru the companies
computer system. Brenda was never sure where the rumors started but [...]

13 January 2010 | feetjobs, femdom_fetish, gonzo_porn, internal_creampie, porn_guides, video_xxx | Comments Off

jane mff

Archive-author: The Electric Monk
Archive-title: Jane
The temperature was at least 100 degrees that day and everyone was hot.
Jane was especially hot because she was dressed in a blouse, skirt, and
stockings. She carried a leather brief case and headed for work. She lived
alone and slept alone. When [...]

26 December 2009 | asian_chics, clinic_sex, femdom_fetish, jerking_porn, nubile_teens, porn_guides, throatjobs | Comments Off

Casual makwaves txt

Archive-author: Hai Truong & Andrew Truong
Archive-title: Making Waves
Special thanx to: Walks-by-Night, The Unknown, Mr. Spock,
Midnight Orgy and Mad Bones

26 October 2009 | feetjobs, femdom_fetish, gag_pics, hentai_xxx, huge_dicks, lesbo_xxx, virgin_sex | Comments Off

pason facial cum movie

ultra-hottie pason is my latest spunkmouth masterpiece! not only is pason red hot, but she has a serious case of jungle fever. i don’t know what it is with the chicks these days, rap being so popular or what, but they are always requesting i set them up with some black [...]

9 September 2009 | chubby_sex, femdom_fetish, gay_twinks, hentai_xxx, virgin_sex | Comments Off

kinzy jo facial cum movie

take a nice long lecherous look at barely legal blonde superslut kinzy jo. kinzy is brand new to the biz and willing to suck cock and take a load from anybody- black, white, japanese, whatever.. kinzy will work a room full of dick and gargle the slimey aftermath with a whorish [...]

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kelly facial cum movie

merry christmas- i bought your gift with porn money! it amazes me what some of these girls will do! hot piece of ass kelly found me through word of mouth from some of her stripper friends. she was flat busted for xmas and needed some immediate cash. one look at this [...]

30 August 2009 | bukkake_sex, clinic_sex, femdom_fetish, fisting_porn, solo_girls | Comments Off

alexia sky facial cum movie

fuck bros- this is a another filthy nasty scene, featuring another brand new porn newbie. guys, feast your pervy eyes on pornovirgin alexia sky. alexia just flew out to la from florida to become the latest porn sensation- my buddy kevin, who is a porn talent agent, did me a solid [...]

3 August 2009 | clinic_sex, femdom_fetish, gag_pics, nylon_porn, preggo_sex, squirting_sex, throatjobs, video_xxx | Comments Off


I knocked on her door. I saw her walk down the passage through the
glass front door. She opened it and smiled, “come in Greg” she said.
I entered and closed the door. I followed her down the passage to
the lounge room. The place was a mess as usual. [...]

25 May 2009 | black_booty_babes, cfnm_sex, femdom_fetish, gag_pics, lesbo_xxx, tranny_porn | Comments Off

HitchHiker Lisa

It was all just too obvious, too pat.
But I did stop. I haven’t picked up a hitchhiker since I was in
college. I always figured that a cute girl standing by the side
of the road with her thumb in the breeze had to have a 250 pound
boyfriend in the [...]

14 April 2009 | bukkake_sex, femdom_fetish, interracial_sex_pics, lesbo_xxx, nubile_teens | Comments Off

The Honey Pot

i run my fingers over your stomach
light as a feather my touch
and hot as an ember
can you feel me trembling…
your skin is so beautiful
soft like a cloud
silky smooth
oh..the anticipation…
will you let my tongue
taste you
will you let me dip my finger
to explore your soul

18 March 2009 | extreme_porn, femdom_fetish, granny_sex, nubile_teens | Comments Off

Casual shower txt

Archive-author: Vermillion
Archive-title: Shower
She was standing in the bathroom powdering and rubbing lotion
onto her legs. She had a dark towel wrapped around her body and
another around her head. The bathroom was warm and steamy from
the shower as she wiped the mirror to look at herself. Thoughts
about [...]

17 March 2009 | bukkake_sex, femdom_fetish, gag_pics, indian_xxx_porn, throatjobs | Comments Off

The Hippie of the 90s

You know, the last weekend I was majorly pissed off. There was work
more than enough and I felt miserably lonely. I had been depressed for
a couple of months, ever since the woman I was having a sexual
relationship with had to move away because of her job.
My depression prevented me from [...]

14 July 2008 | asian_chics, femdom_fetish, interracial_sex_pics | Comments Off

ZXCBad Girl Story 2 continued

It was a present from Tennie. She’d made it herself in some ceramics workshop course. It was well-made, a little clunky. I kept pens in it. On the side, in a slightly wavering script it read “World’s greatest Mistress”. Tennie loved her little jokes. I wondered where she’d gotten to. After our tearful parting [...]

27 June 2008 | femdom_fetish | Comments Off

Wired Pussy Gallery 1

Wired Pussy 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance StatementPress here to view this picture gallery

5 June 2008 | femdom_fetish, indian_xxx_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off

sunny day facial cum movie

sunny day has got the goods- huge floppin’ funnbags, a tight dancer’s body, a slutty cum-fuck-me look, and a healthy addiction to throbbing cock. all of which, of course, makes her a perfect candidate for the newest spunkmouth girl. we brought her in, had her do a little striptease, and then [...]

28 May 2008 | extreme_porn, femdom_fetish, interracial_sex_pics, porn_guides | Comments Off

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