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Janis sex tales

The alarm was terribly loud as she tried to find it in the room. She hated
waking up in a strange place because she wasn’t sure where everything was.
She looked around for her lover but he was no where to be seen. She wondered
if she had just dreamed what had [...]

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Casual wbedtest txt

Archive-title: Waterbed Test
While out shopping at one of the many malls located conveniently near
me, I wandered into a water-bed store. When I entered, I saw the most
beautiful woman that I have ever seen. She was as beautiful as some of your
monthly [...]

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The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra

By Vatasyayana
Source: “The [...]

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Casual castprty txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps
Archive-title: Cast Party
When I broke my right leg after being up at the resort for only a few
days, I thought the good times were finished. But after a day or
two, when all that was left of the skiing accident was my leg in a
cast, I [...]

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30 September 2009 | asian_chics, chubby_sex, extreme_porn, indian_xxx_porn, interracial_sex_pics, jerking_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off

taylor kurtis facial cum movie

holy shit- take a look at this brand-new fucking unbelievable hottie we scored here at spunkmouth.. introducing complete knockout taylor kurtis. this is taylor’s first porn scene ever.. i predict the business will be seeing plenty of taylor in the future, but it looks like spunkmouth has discovered yet another one. [...]

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tabitha2 facial cum movie

ok get this for a behind the scene story: i had shot this girl tabitha back in the day, and she had a real cute girl next door look. real innocent, y’know? i knew she had a boyfriend at the time, so i figured that’s who she’d want to fuck on [...]

13 September 2009 | gay_twinks, indian_xxx_porn, virgin_sex | Comments Off

leighlani red facial cum movie

man, there’s nothing me and my rod like more than a sexy little redhead. but what’s even better is when that sexy firecrotch has a filthy, dirty mouth on her. and that’s just what we have here boys- meet filth talkin slut leighlani red. leighlani has got a rockin body with [...]

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casey facial cum movie

she’s a swallower! dudes, this brand new hottie has just, in her own words “released the inner whore” and gone completely cockmad. casey travelled all the way from arizona to california just to become the latest cum-gobbling spunkmouth girl. let me stress to you, that you’ve got to watch the interview [...]

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The Scent of Norma

Some of the courses one is required to take in college are absolutely
unreal! Sociology is one of them. Sitting and trying to feign attentiveness
while listening to some professor pedantically drone on about “Modes of
Alienation” is surely beyond the threshold of endurance. As such, thoughts and
eyes tend [...]

22 July 2009 | asian_chics, gag_pics, huge_dicks, indian_xxx_porn, jerking_porn, solo_girls, video_xxx | Comments Off

Midnight Storm

Darkness. Punctuated occasionally by the flashes from a distant
thunderstorm, it is folded over your eyes like a heavy layer of black
velvet. The humid night air caresses your face like a lover’s hand, and
you can smell the storm as it approaches.

20 July 2009 | cfnm_sex, extreme_porn, indian_xxx_porn, jerking_porn, preggo_sex, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Summer Encounter

Her legs were long and tan. The kind of legs that go on
forever. She had dark curly hair that cascaded past her
shoulders. Her round, firm ass rippled when she moved [...]

30 May 2009 | black_booty_babes, chubby_sex, indian_xxx_porn | Comments Off

I’ve agreed to be totally honest about this This is difficult because while

I’m not embarrassed about this (If anything, quite the opposite) to do this
justice I have to be a great deal more explicit that I would normally prefer. I
prefer to flirt, both with men and with the details of my adventures. It seems
much more appropriate to say I spent the night [...]

25 April 2009 | asshole_pics, chubby_sex, granny_sex, indian_xxx_porn | Comments Off


There was an amber glow on the ceiling from the logs that were burning
brightly in the fireplace. It warmed me with its radiating heat as I sat on
the floor before it. I slowly sipped the wine which he so readily poured. [...]

17 April 2009 | indian_xxx_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off

ZXCBad Girl Story 2 continued

It was a present from Tennie. She’d made it herself in some ceramics workshop course. It was well-made, a little clunky. I kept pens in it. On the side, in a slightly wavering script it read “World’s greatest Mistress”. Tennie loved her little jokes. I wondered where she’d gotten to. After our tearful parting [...]

30 March 2009 | black_booty_babes, celebs_porn, cfnm_sex, clinic_sex, extreme_porn, feetjobs, indian_xxx_porn, lesbo_xxx | Comments Off

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