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Janis sex tales

The alarm was terribly loud as she tried to find it in the room. She hated
waking up in a strange place because she wasn’t sure where everything was.
She looked around for her lover but he was no where to be seen. She wondered
if she had just dreamed what had [...]

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I’ve agreed to be totally honest about this This is difficult because while

I’m not embarrassed about this (If anything, quite the opposite) to do this
justice I have to be a great deal more explicit that I would normally prefer. I
prefer to flirt, both with men and with the details of my adventures. It seems
much more appropriate to say I spent the night [...]

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You still here It’s after 6 ” I dump my bag beside his desk kiss the top of

his head and lean over his shoulder to check out the screen. Log files and
newsgroups — nothing he couldn’t have finished with three hours before.
“Yeah — well — there was something I needed to deal with.” He doesn’t even look
up, but continues scrolling through the latest figures. “Were we going anywhere

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Adventures of Erica

Erica’s first year after State U. had turned out to be very
disappointing for romance. She’d made friends, but just hadn’t found
any guys to play with.
She went through her wardrobe and selected an outfit for a
night on the town. First the black stockings [...]

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Archive-title: Jenny
I had always liked Jenny, though I didn’t know her well personally. We
worked together on the night shift. Us night-timers have a slightly different
perspective on the world that most other people on ‘normal’ shifts. We’re often
driving on streets devoid of life at 3AM, and [...]

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Wired Pussy Gallery 3

Bondaged babes tied up in dungeon
Wired Pussy 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance StatementPress here to view this picture gallery

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leighlani red facial cum movie

man, there’s nothing me and my rod like more than a sexy little redhead. but what’s even better is when that sexy firecrotch has a filthy, dirty mouth on her. and that’s just what we have here boys- meet filth talkin slut leighlani red. leighlani has got a rockin body with [...]

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eve laurence facial cum movie

imagine driving down the local whore avenue in your town or city, and seeing, out of the corner of your eye, the hottest, sluttiest working girl you can imagine. as she crosses the street and approaches the car, she’s so hot it crosses your mind that she’s vice…but when she walks [...]

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brandi facial cum movie

we’ve been getting some e-mail lately requesting anal. just like you guys, we love anal, but you probably know not a lot of girls do. so we set out for an anal adventure this week to make you happy. that’s where brandi comes in; we asked, in her interview, if [...]

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barbie cummings facial cum movie

check out this knockout hottie, brand new to the adult business! she goes by the name barbi cummings- a true blonde with the sweetest pair of perky tits you’ve laid eyes on. i booked barbie for a fuck scene, but forgot to mention to her that the dude was going to [...]

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The Photographer

The classified ad in the paper hadn’t said much. Just “Model
wanted. Young, noticably pregnant a requirement. PO Box 2347″. Seeing
as you fit the description, you wrote an introductory letter and sent
it in. A few days later, the phone rang. [...]

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It was early morning in the Faculty lounge in fact it was way too early for

some. Dr. Maxwell Jones, otherwise known as Mac to his friends and colleagues,
sat enjoying his coffee in relative silence. It was his first day as a Professor
at the Institute for Science and Technology and already he was bored to tears. He
stared idly into the newspaper, propping his feet on the coffee [...]

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HitchHiker Lisa

It was all just too obvious, too pat.
But I did stop. I haven’t picked up a hitchhiker since I was in
college. I always figured that a cute girl standing by the side
of the road with her thumb in the breeze had to have a 250 pound
boyfriend in the [...]

14 April 2009 | bukkake_sex, femdom_fetish, interracial_sex_pics, lesbo_xxx, nubile_teens | Comments Off

Lover’s Trail

Galloping through fields of golden wheat

29 March 2009 | celebs_porn, gay_twinks, interracial_sex_pics | Comments Off

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