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Boredom of Jack and Jill

Jack spotted Jill at the party. She had a bland face, medium
small breasts, and fair skin. He would have called it pale, but
he was feeling charitable. He decided that she was just ugly
enough that she would probably be desperate, and just good look-
ing enough that she would [...]

25 December 2009 | cfnm_sex, feetjobs, jerking_porn, porn_guides, solo_girls | Comments Off


From perched upon her rock up high

21 November 2009 | clinic_sex, feetjobs, fisting_porn, gay_twinks, hentai_xxx, solo_girls, titjob_porn | Comments Off

Lover’s Trail

Galloping through fields of golden wheat

14 November 2009 | solo_girls | Comments Off

Casual sexysal txt

Archive-title: Sexy Sal
When I was single, about ten years ago, I dated an attractive slim waitress
from a sandwich shop that I visited often. Sal was her name. She was divorced
for the thrid time and so was I, but only twice. I liked her naturalness and
openness…and her good figure, [...]

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Ladies Can The

Copyright (C) 1991, William D. Wickart. All rights reserved.
It was another long, late night in the lab at work. This is a great job,
but the occasional “crunch” times explains why so few people survive more
than a [...]

18 October 2009 | asian_chics, clinic_sex, feetjobs, hentai_xxx, huge_dicks, jerking_porn, solo_girls | Comments Off

Wired Pussy Pussy Torture Gallery 6

Pussy stretching and tortured my hot nude mistress.
Nasty mistress do want ever she want with this innocent female!
Wired Pussy 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance StatementPress here to view this picture gallery

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taylor kurtis facial cum movie

holy shit- take a look at this brand-new fucking unbelievable hottie we scored here at spunkmouth.. introducing complete knockout taylor kurtis. this is taylor’s first porn scene ever.. i predict the business will be seeing plenty of taylor in the future, but it looks like spunkmouth has discovered yet another one. [...]

16 September 2009 | huge_dicks, indian_xxx_porn, internal_creampie, nubile_teens, solo_girls, titjob_porn | Comments Off

nadia synn facial cum movie

gentlemen, say hello to our latest spunkmouth girl, nadia synn. this is nadia’s first boy/girl scene ever, and the world is seeing her get fucked for the first time here at nadia was so excited to get that dick in her that she was just oozing pussy juice and creaming [...]

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kelly facial cum movie

merry christmas- i bought your gift with porn money! it amazes me what some of these girls will do! hot piece of ass kelly found me through word of mouth from some of her stripper friends. she was flat busted for xmas and needed some immediate cash. one look at this [...]

30 August 2009 | bukkake_sex, clinic_sex, femdom_fetish, fisting_porn, solo_girls | Comments Off

amy reid facial cum movie

here’s a very special treat for you horny fuckers- prepare to have your eyeballs blow out of your head when you watch uber-hottie amy reid in this steaming spunkmouth scene. we got lucky and had an inside connection to get our filthy mitts on amy- see, amy is one of those [...]

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The Scent of Norma

Some of the courses one is required to take in college are absolutely
unreal! Sociology is one of them. Sitting and trying to feign attentiveness
while listening to some professor pedantically drone on about “Modes of
Alienation” is surely beyond the threshold of endurance. As such, thoughts and
eyes tend [...]

22 July 2009 | asian_chics, gag_pics, huge_dicks, indian_xxx_porn, jerking_porn, solo_girls, video_xxx | Comments Off

Miscellaneous snippets

It is a cool spring evening..and i am walking down a beach near my home, i
am holding sue’s hand, and her head is resting on my shoulder. I am sure we mu
st look like siemese twins to the people who pass us by. But neither of [...]

12 July 2009 | cfnm_sex, clinic_sex, extreme_porn, granny_sex, jerking_porn, porn_guides, solo_girls | Comments Off

jane mff

Archive-author: The Electric Monk
Archive-title: Jane
The temperature was at least 100 degrees that day and everyone was hot.
Jane was especially hot because she was dressed in a blouse, skirt, and
stockings. She carried a leather brief case and headed for work. She lived
alone and slept alone. When [...]

10 May 2009 | nubile_teens, solo_girls | Comments Off

Erotic Adventures of Tammy

They were out of instant pudding mix. She shrugged her shoulders and
began walking out of the store. But a cute hunk of a checker
caught her eye at checkstand 4. She sauntered over, deftly snapping
up a pack of Juicy Fruits out of the rack along the way. She [...]

8 April 2009 | solo_girls, tranny_porn | Comments Off


Archive-title: Jenny
I had always liked Jenny, though I didn’t know her well personally. We
worked together on the night shift. Us night-timers have a slightly different
perspective on the world that most other people on ‘normal’ shifts. We’re often
driving on streets devoid of life at 3AM, and [...]

17 February 2009 | cfnm_sex, internal_creampie, interracial_sex_pics, solo_girls, throatjobs, virgin_sex | Comments Off

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