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I was at a local topless dance bar with a buddy of mine. I was kind of
a regular there, coming in about once a month or so. One of the reasons I was
a regular was sitting on my lap at the moment. Her name [...]

7 January 2010 | chubby_sex, fisting_porn, gag_pics, huge_dicks, nubile_teens, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Casual hitch txt

Archive-title: Hitch
I stopped to pick up the girl on the side of the road. She was
wearing a soft cotten dress. As we drove on we talked about all sorts
of things. Then she asked me if I wanted a blow job in payment for the
ride! I am no fool ,so I quickly pull off and pull down my [...]

4 October 2009 | celebs_porn, gag_pics, nylon_porn, squirting_sex, throatjobs | Comments Off

Casual deb txt

Archive-title: Deb
Deb looked classy — I liked her tightly creased pants and high
heels. Her short, light brown hair had blond highlights and
swept over the top of her head. She wore dark glasses that
framed her piercing brown eyes. Her lips were shiny with
lipstick and when I [...]

2 October 2009 | black_booty_babes, cfnm_sex, squirting_sex, throatjobs, video_xxx | Comments Off

taryn thomas facial cum movie

holy smokes we’ve got a hot one for you this time- feast your perverted eyes on head-turner taryn thomas! taryn is brand spankin new, and spunkmouth pooled together all its resources to make sure you saw her here first- while she’s good and fresh. taryn made her pre-debut as “britt” on [...]

14 September 2009 | asshole_pics, black_booty_babes, chubby_sex, fisting_porn, lesbo_xxx, nubile_teens, squirting_sex | Comments Off

leighlani red facial cum movie

man, there’s nothing me and my rod like more than a sexy little redhead. but what’s even better is when that sexy firecrotch has a filthy, dirty mouth on her. and that’s just what we have here boys- meet filth talkin slut leighlani red. leighlani has got a rockin body with [...]

3 September 2009 | bukkake_sex, indian_xxx_porn, interracial_sex_pics, squirting_sex | Comments Off

boo facial cum movie

this is easily my favorite spunkmouth scene. it may go down as an amateur porn classic. too little space and too much to say here, but in a nutshell, barely-legal boo d. licious came to us as a referral from porn star bella donna. boo wants porn stardom, and we think [...]

9 August 2009 | asian_chics, bukkake_sex, nubile_teens, preggo_sex, squirting_sex, throatjobs, video_xxx | Comments Off

alexia sky facial cum movie

fuck bros- this is a another filthy nasty scene, featuring another brand new porn newbie. guys, feast your pervy eyes on pornovirgin alexia sky. alexia just flew out to la from florida to become the latest porn sensation- my buddy kevin, who is a porn talent agent, did me a solid [...]

3 August 2009 | clinic_sex, femdom_fetish, gag_pics, nylon_porn, preggo_sex, squirting_sex, throatjobs, video_xxx | Comments Off


When Tim woke the next morning, he filled his car and headed
off. From town their was only two ways to head, North or South.
As he flipped a coin he said to himself “Heads North, Tails South.”
He looked at the coin, “South it is.”

24 July 2009 | celebs_porn, preggo_sex, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Midnight Storm

Darkness. Punctuated occasionally by the flashes from a distant
thunderstorm, it is folded over your eyes like a heavy layer of black
velvet. The humid night air caresses your face like a lover’s hand, and
you can smell the storm as it approaches.

20 July 2009 | cfnm_sex, extreme_porn, indian_xxx_porn, jerking_porn, preggo_sex, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Janis sex tales

The alarm was terribly loud as she tried to find it in the room. She hated
waking up in a strange place because she wasn’t sure where everything was.
She looked around for her lover but he was no where to be seen. She wondered
if she had just dreamed what had [...]

12 May 2009 | black_booty_babes, chubby_sex, extreme_porn, fisting_porn, internal_creampie, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Boredom of Jack and Jill

Jack spotted Jill at the party. She had a bland face, medium
small breasts, and fair skin. He would have called it pale, but
he was feeling charitable. He decided that she was just ugly
enough that she would probably be desperate, and just good look-
ing enough that she would [...]

9 May 2009 | gag_pics, gay_twinks, hentai_xxx, huge_dicks, internal_creampie, nylon_porn, squirting_sex | Comments Off

The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra

By Vatasyayana
Source: “The [...]

19 March 2009 | clinic_sex, female_ejaculation, gay_twinks, granny_sex, squirting_sex, video_xxx | Comments Off

Casual rendez2 txt

Archive-title: Rendezvous II-Hetero
There she sat, Karen and Scoot, hanging out. It was wonderful, his kisses,
his embraces, his strength. She felt as though it would engulf her as
he swirled his tongue inside of her mouth and she tased his sweetness.
It was too much, his hand on her legs was [...]

14 March 2009 | black_booty_babes, celebs_porn, feetjobs, gay_twinks, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Julie Jumps

One lucky man’s adventures at the office. 1/31/89
Julie was a large, intelligent woman. She stood close
to 6 [...]

25 February 2009 | asshole_pics, nubile_teens, squirting_sex | Comments Off

Why not practice it tonight

She was small, and somehow childlike even though her eyes were wise
and her gait determined. A casual observer would notice the grace in her
step, and admire the resoluteness in the pose of her head; she seemed to be
searching for something, but gave the impression its find would [...]

23 November 2008 | bukkake_sex, indian_xxx_porn, squirting_sex, titjob_porn | No Comments

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