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From perched upon her rock up high

21 November 2009 | clinic_sex, feetjobs, fisting_porn, gay_twinks, hentai_xxx, solo_girls, titjob_porn | Comments Off

30 September 2009 | asian_chics, chubby_sex, extreme_porn, indian_xxx_porn, interracial_sex_pics, jerking_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off

Future Margo Sex 2

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29 September 2009 | blogs_porn, chubby_sex, clinic_sex, feetjobs, fisting_porn, granny_sex, porn_guides, titjob_porn | Comments Off

taylor kurtis facial cum movie

holy shit- take a look at this brand-new fucking unbelievable hottie we scored here at spunkmouth.. introducing complete knockout taylor kurtis. this is taylor’s first porn scene ever.. i predict the business will be seeing plenty of taylor in the future, but it looks like spunkmouth has discovered yet another one. [...]

16 September 2009 | huge_dicks, indian_xxx_porn, internal_creampie, nubile_teens, solo_girls, titjob_porn | Comments Off

kelly skylar facial cum movie

omfg this is a filthy, nasty scene! i’m hanging out at my buddy chico’s house, which is known as a “porn house” to all the local sluts in the business. i’m kickin back with chico when he gets a call from some ho’s he’s worked with saying that they want to [...]

31 August 2009 | asshole_pics, bukkake_sex, feetjobs, titjob_porn | Comments Off

The Labrys

A beautiful red head, looking prim and proper, sat at the table next
to me in the pub, with her long legs crossed and her serious looking
face planted in a book. I had just walked into the Coffee House when
I noticed her and she looked up from her book and gave [...]

26 May 2009 | titjob_porn | Comments Off


I was at a local topless dance bar with a buddy of mine. I was kind of
a regular there, coming in about once a month or so. One of the reasons I was
a regular was sitting on my lap at the moment. Her name [...]

22 May 2009 | gay_twinks, internal_creampie, titjob_porn | Comments Off


There was an amber glow on the ceiling from the logs that were burning
brightly in the fireplace. It warmed me with its radiating heat as I sat on
the floor before it. I slowly sipped the wine which he so readily poured. [...]

17 April 2009 | indian_xxx_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off


As she turned her body toward Tim, he looked at her, and her
short red dress might as well have had neon letters on it saying
suck my tits and fuck my pussy.
When the slot came up blank, Tim moved over to the bar and
said, “waiting for somebody.”

10 April 2009 | porn_guides, titjob_porn | No Comments

Casual sexysal txt

Archive-title: Sexy Sal
When I was single, about ten years ago, I dated an attractive slim waitress
from a sandwich shop that I visited often. Sal was her name. She was divorced
for the thrid time and so was I, but only twice. I liked her naturalness and
openness…and her good figure, [...]

16 March 2009 | black_booty_babes, fisting_porn, hentai_xxx, interracial_sex_pics, titjob_porn | Comments Off

Casual castprty txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps
Archive-title: Cast Party
When I broke my right leg after being up at the resort for only a few
days, I thought the good times were finished. But after a day or
two, when all that was left of the skiing accident was my leg in a
cast, I [...]

13 February 2009 | celebs_porn, clinic_sex, feetjobs, female_ejaculation, fisting_porn, hentai_xxx, internal_creampie, preggo_sex, titjob_porn | Comments Off

She Drew Me In

– a poem -
by Sean Devon
I awoke to music, talk and laughter
Fuzzy toward the toilet and relief
My parent’s late party smoldered on below
Old friends, new gossip, old jokes
Returning now, our guest room door agar
What’s there…peeking…who’s there?
By night light and moon, soft blonde curls abed
But [...]

7 February 2009 | blogs_porn, bukkake_sex, feetjobs, fisting_porn, gonzo_porn, jerking_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off

Why not practice it tonight

She was small, and somehow childlike even though her eyes were wise
and her gait determined. A casual observer would notice the grace in her
step, and admire the resoluteness in the pose of her head; she seemed to be
searching for something, but gave the impression its find would [...]

23 November 2008 | bukkake_sex, indian_xxx_porn, squirting_sex, titjob_porn | No Comments

25 September 2008 | asian_chics, asshole_pics, black_booty_babes, clinic_sex, indian_xxx_porn, titjob_porn | Comments Off

Boredom of Jack and Jill

Jack spotted Jill at the party. She had a bland face, medium
small breasts, and fair skin. He would have called it pale, but
he was feeling charitable. He decided that she was just ugly
enough that she would probably be desperate, and just good look-
ing enough that she would [...]

17 July 2008 | black_booty_babes, bukkake_sex, gag_pics, gonzo_porn, huge_dicks, porn_guides, titjob_porn | Comments Off

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